Invisalign in False Creek

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The Clear Way to Straighten Your Teeth

Convenience, comfort, and clear design are some of the main reasons people choose clear aligners to straighten their smiles.

For teens and adults alike, a straight smile can boost your confidence and improve the function of your teeth and bite. Discover the discrete benefits of clear aligners for you or your child by visiting us for an initial consultation.

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Clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment used to align your teeth and bite. This treatment uses clear, removable aligners as opposed to fixed metal brackets and wires like traditional braces.

Clear aligners are custom-made based on your unique teeth. When you wear your aligners, gentle pressure helps move your teeth to their intended position. Wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours a day is recommended in order to achieve optimal results.

You will be given new sets of aligners as your teeth shift throughout the process.

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Aligners

When your Clear aligners are taken care of, so are your teeth. We want to help you achieve the smile you’ve always envisioned and will go over wear and care instructions with you during your fitting appointment.

Some common tips include:

  • Take out your aligners when eating or drinking anything other than water
  • Protect your aligners by putting them in their case when not in use
  • Rinse and gently brush your aligners every night
  • Remove food or debris from your mouth before putting your aligners in
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Transforming Your Dental Visits with Solea Laser

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