VITA Easyshade in False Creek

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Finding Your Correct Match

Whether you have a filling, restorative dentistry procedure, or teeth whitening treatment, we want to make sure we match the exact shade of your teeth with our materials. We can do this with the help of the VITA Easyshade device.

The VITA Easyshade helps us create a seamless, beautiful, and natural-looking smile. Rely on our team and technology for your family’s dental needs. Visit us today!

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What Is the VITA Easyshade?

The VITA Easyshade can determine the exact shade of your natural or whitened teeth without being influenced by the lighting within the environment. This device uses innovative technology, making it more precise than the human eye.

The VITA Easyshade can be used to:

  • Determine the shade when choosing ceramic dental materials
  • Determine the shade for a filling
  • Determine the shade for prosthetic teeth such as crowns, veneers, and dentures
  • Determine the shade for dental restoration
  • Shade determination for teeth whitening
  • Comparing the success of planned and actual results
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Creating a Seamless Smile

Our team is here to create the smile of your dreams. Using our technology, we can help ensure any dental services are barely noticeable.

Scheduling your family’s next dental appointment is easy. Take care of your oral health today.

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You can find us off Moberly Rd., right on the seawall. Our clinic is fully wheelchair accessible with a beautiful view of the water.

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