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Solea Laser Dentistry: What Is It?

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A woman undergoing a laser teeth whitening procedure.

Dentistry continues to evolve, integrating technology to provide patients with more comfortable, efficient, and precise treatments. One such technology redefining the dental experience is Solea laser dentistry—which has garnered attention for its ability to perform many standard dental procedures without drills or anesthesia.    

Understanding your options can help you make informed decisions about your oral health care.   

What Is Solea Laser Dentistry?  

Solea is a CO2 laser system designed to deliver a precise wavelength of light that can be used to cut, carve, and contour tissue in and around the oral cavity. Unlike traditional dental instruments, Solea’s beam is silent, effectively eliminating the vibration and discomfort often accompanying dental procedures.

How Solea Laser Works  

The Solea laser uses a variable wavelength of light to interact with hard (enamel, dentin) and soft (gums, tongue) tissues. By adjusting the wavelength, your dentist can move seamlessly from one tissue type to another without changing tools. 

The energy is absorbed by the tissue’s water molecules, resulting in an effect that cuts cleanly and efficiently. This not only produces precise incisions but also promotes faster healing.  

Benefits of Solea Laser Dentistry

The impact of Solea laser dentistry is considerable, offering a range of benefits that can drastically improve your experience as a patient.

Comfortable Procedures

Most patients experience a significant reduction in pain with Solea, making it ideal for those with dental phobias or sensitivities. It’s common for patients to undergo treatment without needing local anesthesia, often described as a needle-free dental experience.

Reduced Need for Anesthesia

The laser’s ability to work on hard and soft tissues with few nerve endings means that many procedures can be performed without the need for anesthetic injections, eliminating the sensation of numbness after the procedure.

Faster Healing Time

The precision and sterilization effects of the Solea laser minimize the trauma to surrounding tissues, reducing bleeding and accelerating the healing process. Patients often experience a more comfortable recovery with less post-treatment pain.

Precision & Accuracy

Solea laser dentistry allows dentists to conserve healthier tooth structures during cavity preparation. This also aids in minimizing the risk of damaging surrounding tissues, leading to improved outcomes.  

Common Applications of Solea Laser Dentistry

Solea laser technology is versatile and can be used for various dental procedures for adults and children.

Dental Fillings  

One of the most common applications of the Solea laser is dental fillings. The precision of the laser allows for minimally invasive cavity preparations that clear out bacteria, which helps maintain the strength and integrity of the tooth structure.  

Gum Surgeries

The Solea laser can reshape and contour the gums for aesthetic improvements or periodontal treatments. This precise approach minimizes scarring and is often more comfortable for patients.

Oral Surgeries

The soft tissue cutting abilities of the Solea laser make it especially useful in oral surgeries like frenectomies (removal of a frenulum), reducing the chances of infection and complications compared to traditional methods.    

Teeth Whitening

A close up of a woman's set of white teeth.

Solea lasers also assist in activating whitening treatments for fast, effective, and minimally invasive procedures that often lead to a whiter, brighter smile.


The Solea Sleep laser helps reduce the frustrating nighttime snoring habit in short treatments. Most people are mouth snorers, which results from the vibration of an overly relaxed soft palette. Solea laser can help restore collagen production and reduce the vibration, reducing or eliminating your snoring.

Drill-Free Dentistry & Solea Laser  

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of Solea laser dentistry is its ability to offer a drill-free dental experience. Solea lasers can be a game-changer for patients with a deep-seated fear of the dental drill, providing a comfortable and calm alternative.  

Ideal for Anxious Patients 

The drill-free experience provided by Solea significantly reduces the stress and anxiety associated with dental visits, making it an attractive option for patients who have avoided treatment due to these concerns.

A Comfortable Experience at False Creek Dental  

Our patients’ comfort is a top priority at False Creek Dental, so we use the Solea laser system to provide a comfortable experience. With Solea laser dentistry, we can perform most standard dental procedures drill-free and needle-free, providing you with quality care that makes you want to schedule your dental exam.

The Potential of Solea Laser Dentistry for Patients

Solea laser dentistry signals the next chapter in oral healthcare, where the fear of pain is significantly reduced or eliminated from the experience. It paves the way for routine dental care to become truly routine without the associated anxieties and discomforts that have been part and parcel of dental visits for so long.  

Incorporating Solea laser technology into dental practices raises the bar for patient care, promising a future where precision and comfort are the norm. Book an appointment at False Creek Dental for your next dental procedure and ask us about the safety and comfort benefits of Solea laser dentistry—it just might change how you think about visiting the dentist.

Written by Dr. Lisa Reino

Dr. Lisa Reino, a native of Dunbar, Vancouver, is a highly accomplished dentist with a passion for transforming smiles and empowering lives. With a strong educational background, she obtained her B.Sc. in Psychology from UBC, followed by her DMD in 1993. Driven by a commitment to excellence, Dr. Reino further honed her skills through a one-year residency in hospital dentistry. She also pursued specialized training in smoking cessation and oral cancer screening, ensuring comprehensive care for her patients.

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